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Welcome to Stonehenge!
"Si vis pacem, para bellum"
("If you seek peace, prepare for war")
Vegetius, "De re militari" 4th Century AD







who we are

where we work

notes and photos about Rimini

photos about our shops in Rimini since 2004





Who we are: Umbrian

We are from Umbria, the Italian Region called the "green heart" of Italy, situated in the right center of the Country: there is one of the
most important artistic monument in Italy "San Pietro in Valle" Abbey, built in the 8th Cent. AD by Feroaldo II, king of the Longobards

"Stonehenge" is a cultural project born inside an original Italian man from Umbria,
Giuseppe (Joseph), attracted - since he was a child -
by Medieval history and ancient archaeology, antiquities and Celtic legends, spiritual worlds and aesthetical way of life.
In November 2004 he opened his shop in Rimini (on the Northern East cost of Italy)
- helped by his wife,
Lucia (Lucy) - and he called it "Stonehenge"
to remember the international symbol of human civilization, gathering all his passions in it:
he talks about
Greek and Roman period, ancient history, Medieval weapons and clothing,
King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Galgano and the sword in the stone, Merlino and Morgana,
Celtic music and jewelry, Druids and runes, fairies and dragons,
mysterious legends,
Mystic beings, warriors and battles, The Lord of The Rings,
gargoyles and cathedrals,
Gothic atmospheres, magicians and witches, mankind's destiny and art of divination;
sure - as he is - that our contemporary world had lost something human...
So, he likes to remember how our ancestors have lived, have fought, have loved, have dreamt:
come with us for our precious, pleasant, delicious travel through the History!


Where we work: in Rimini, by the Adriatic sea

"Stonehenge" shop was in Rimini - situated in the Italian region called "Emilia Romagna" -
on the principal avenue along the sea, full of many and different shops,
where on Summer a lot of people walks for shopping or to have drinks and to eat ice creams,
and comes out from the numerous hotels with sea sight, after having dinner,
in the fresh Summer evening, after a hot day in the sun on the long beach beside.
Rimini, in fact, is the most famous and ancient Summer holidays bathing place in Italy: since 1869
it has a long tradition in receiving tourists from all Italy and all over the world, but Rimini is also something else,
with its reach history and its beautiful artistic monuments - since the age of the Roman Empire in the first Century BC -
for its strategic position toward the Eastern Europe and for its important harbor on the Northern Adriatic Sea,
as we remember in our section "notes and photos about Rimini".
Rimini has got also an International airport, with many flies from the most important European cities:

so, it's very very easy to reach us!


Notes and photos about Rimini: its ancient history

In this section,
we've uploaded historical and artistic notes about
- the nice international and important sea place
where we've decided,
my husband and I, to found "Stonehenge",
our pleasant and original Italian trade about "Warriors Gladiators Runes Dragons" -
to show you photos, Medieval churches and castles, Roman buildings and bridges, maps and pamphlets
about our ancient town: follow us and enjoy art and history!


... old memories...

Rimini the beach two centuries ago

Rimini the town in 1950


... something about now...

Rimini the beach

Rimini the sea in the night

Rimini the lighthouse in the morning


... Roman Empire...

Rimini Augustus' Arch - 1st Cent. BC

Rimini Tiberius' bridge - 1st Cent. AD


... Renaissance...

Rimini the Castle and the Church: Malatesta government and Leon Battista Alberti artist in 1450 AD


... the beach as now...


... publicity pamphlets in the years...

since 1922...


Photos about our shops in Rimini since 2004

Last, but not least, some photos about the shops we had in Rimini since 2004
and in the next page some photos about our franchisees, corners and affiliates all over Italy!

2004, 2005, 2006

our first shop in Rimini Miramare

2006, 2007, 2008

our second shop in Rimini Centre

2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

our affiliates line all over Italy

If you seek peace, prepare for war "Si vis pacem para bellum"


... some flashes into our shops...

Stonehenge Rimini

the Middle Ages



You could order by e-mail, as our prices are different for traders, for collectors, for reenactors, for amateurs, for affiliates and franchisees; so, please, mail us for prices, telling us which kind of products you're interested in: we'll answer you sending an appraisal with pictures and prices, by e-mail or postal service. Please, note that only a little part of our items is just published on the websites, so that you could see products on preview if you would mail us! Please, note also that we're editing catalogs in these days, so that many articles will appear soon on line, thank you!



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